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Q. What is Parishram?
A. Parishram Resource Pvt. Ltd. is HR Solution company providing temprory & permanent staffing across India to all types of clients. Parishram also do Background Verification of prospective employees within a limited time.

Q. What is Permanent and Temporary Staffing?
A. In permanent staffing, we are placing the candidate to various company as per their qualification and experiance. and in temp or flexible staffing we are placing the candidate on short term job where an organisation want to reduce employee related cost, while retaining control of the employee.

Q. What is Apply Online?
A. Complete the online application form with the required information and our team of consultants will find jobs that suits your interests and experiance.

Q. How is the recruitment process being conducted?
A. Parishram uses the same recruitment process in all its offices. The applicant should first visit our website for all current openings, and then send an application to our company. We will then review the applicant's resume and decide whether an interview is necessary. After the interview, we will notify the successful applicant of the result.

Q. What kind of characteristics is Parishram looking for in its talented individuals?
A. Parishram is looking for the "Right People." The "Right People" are those who are passionate about their work, committed and determined, and display exceptional  professionalism in what they do. Only the "Right People" will be able to align their vision.These are the kind of men and women that the company believes can play a central  role in the future development of Company.

Q. After submitting my application, how long will it take to get feedback from the company?
A. After submitting your application, you will normally receive a reply from us within a month, although this may differ on certain occasions.

Q. How will I know that my application has been received by your company?
A. When you submit an online application to our company, you will see an acknowledgement of receipt message on the screen.

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